Filing Bankruptcy

Busting Bankruptcy Myths

  Just saying the word feels taboo – “Bankruptcy” [shivers] – but filing bankruptcy isn’t a topic that should avoid discussion. Years of bad publicity have framed it as a way out, or the mark of fiscal irresponsibility. However,…
Bulk Sales Law, Bulk Sales Act

Buying a Business? Be Aware of the Bulk Sales Law

You just bought a business. Congratulations! But a moment that should be filled with excitement can quickly shift into overwhelming dread as phone calls from creditors begin filling your voicemail, eager to recoup the debts owed on the…
Bankruptcy options

Bankruptcy Options: Chapters 7, 13, and 11

As a bankruptcy attorney, I've represented many clients in obtaining relief from debt. Here are your options in Bankruptcy Court: Defining Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a federal court procedure (done in Santa Ana, LA, or Riverside), which…
Probate Law

What Probate Law is… and Isn’t

The period following a loved one’s death can be very painful and confusing. Often times, it also happens that family members have very different ideas about the deceased’s final wishes. The repercussions of this can be overwhelming; they…
bankruptcy rights, landlord rights

Heading Toward Bankruptcy? Know Your Rights!

No one plans for bankruptcy… but unfortunately, that seems to be where you’re currently heading. We realize that this struggle is as much of a mental battle as it is a financial hardship. For that reason, you need to keep your head in the…
bankruptcy rights, landlord rights

Your Landlord Rights Update for 2016

Beginning January 1, 2016, new laws regarding landlord-tenant rights will be put into place regarding termination of tenancy for domestic violence, the allowance of clotheslines or drying racks and the responsibility of mold. Termination…