If you are faced with filing for bankruptcy, be sure that you have the right attorney for the job by following our tips for how to choose a good bankruptcy lawyer. If you are not sure if you are eligible, read our guide on how to know if you’re eligible to file for bankruptcy.

  1. Don’t search for cheap lawyers. Ironic, right? Although your filing for bankruptcy, a cheap lawyer can cost you much more in the long term. There is probably a reason they’re able to undercut average prices, and that’s because they lack experience or aren’t any good. If you’ve fallen into this dire circumstance, don’t waste your last pennies on a lawyer who can’t help or is going to cost you more than necessary.
  2. Don’t wait. If you have any thoughts about seeking out a decent bankruptcy attorney (you’re obviously reading this!) don’t wait.  Though it may sound unappealing, the sooner you can get a good bankruptcy lawyer involved, the better. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy it’s best to have sound advice from the beginning, rather than hiring someone to come in to identify and clean up the mistakes you’ve already made.
  3. Check with your local bankruptcy court. Some locales maintain a list of practicing lawyers that you can search for in your specific area. You simply need to call your local courts and ask some questions. Note that these specific lawyers are not endorsed by the courts but made available as a convenience to you as a consumer. Additionally, even if they don’t have a local listing there is still much helpful information to be discovered through a simple phone call.
  4. Choose a lawyer who listens. We’re talking about someone who actually listens. Although your attorney may be experienced in dealing with bankruptcy, that does not mean that your case is not unique. It should be treated accordingly. Make sure that they hear out the facts of your case and any advice or recommendations are made with those specific facts in mind. You can also read our tips on how a good attorney should treat you.

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