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Intensive Review Of Entire Commercial Leases

For close to 35 years, Peter C. Wittlin has represented tenants, including a large number of small entrepreneurial entities, during their commercial lease negotiation.

His clients in commercial lease negotiation have included startup businesses and businesses looking toward moving to a new location. The types of services he has provided have involved every aspect of these transactions, including:

  • Installment purchases
  • Discussing various commercial lease options
  • Short sales
  • Equity sharing agreements
  • 1031 tax-deferred exchanges

Commercial leases proposed by landlords may contain anywhere from 30 to 50 pages of a large variety of terms and confusing terminology. And these commercial leases can cover a range of issues, including:

  • Tenant parking
  • Common area maintenance charges
  • Tenant expectations
  • Improvement allowances
  • Cost-of-living rent increases

Peter Wittlin is a commercial lease lawyer who has long reviewed commercial leases for a wide range of clients and understands what all of the convoluted language means. His goal in representing you during a commercial lease negotiation is to provide you with the sort of commercial lease that will meet all of your businesses present and future needs.

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Your Guide in Commercial Lease Negotiation

Commercial lease negotiations tend to become quickly overwhelming for many tenants due to the number of legal discrepancies involved in contractual agreements. Therefore, it’s not recommended that either party, tenant nor landlord, go into one unprepared, alone, and without the right council of a practicing business attorney. With over three decades worth of experience in commercial real estate and lease negotiations, Peter Wittlin has stood firmly by tenants in multiple courts throughout many years, offering them practical advisement concerning any title issues, and is the lawyer Southern California turns to for resolving legal disputes. 

There is no such thing as a typical or straightforward commercial lease agreement. The terms and conditions for each case vary widely and their provisions are rarely similar. That’s why it’s advised for even the most knowledgeable of tenants to seek attorney involvement before agreeing to any terms, as not doing so could end up costing time and money down the road.

The most common issues commercial tenants run into with their lease agreement tend to be in the following areas:

  • Base rent
  • Operating expenses
  • Maintenance charges for common areas
  • Leasehold improvement charges
  • Calculated rent based on gross sale percentage

An experienced lawyer knows how imperative it is to read between the lines of any commercial lease agreement and how to identify and potentially problematic areas for the client. Furthermore, attorney Peter Wittlin also knows how to shop the market to identify what else is or is not included in other lease negotiations of a comparable value.

Over 30 Years of Commercial Lease Negotiation Experience

The most fundamental aspect to commercial lease negotiations is that both parties fully understand the premise of their agreement. Peter Wittlin is not only extensively knowledgeable in legal matters he also has the patience and determination to figure out the small and complex details all while understanding the needs of every client moving forward in their case. His vast expertise regarding business law in California has helped numerous tenants fully understand the complexities of their case in the simplest terms possible. With nearly 35 years of helping commercial tenants in the areas of Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County, nobody knows commercial real estate leases in Southern California better than Peter Wittlin. 

Helping Tenants Reduce Commercial Leasing Costs

The firm of Peter C. Wittlin Attorney at Law advises clients on landlord-tenant agreements to make certain every unnecessary expense is avoided. He will review the proposed lease, take into consideration the length of a lease (three-year versus five-year leasing period, etc.), check upon the tenant improvement allowance and common area maintenance charges (triple net factors — rent, insurance and property taxes), and make certain that basic rent, cost of living and annual increases are in line.

Peter Wittlin is an experienced commercial real estate lease negotiator and has negotiated commercial real estate lease agreements with some of the largest landlords and landlord representatives in Southern California. If compromises must be made in one area, he will negotiate for reductions in other areas. This can include negating of percentages of income rent being paid upon the lease or even obtaining free rent for the first three months of the leasing period.

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