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Serving Companies in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County and surrounding areas 

Peter Wittlin is a dedicated specialist in all areas of business law, from start-ups and mergers to finance firms and commercial real estate.

Working with businesses for decades, Peter Wittlin has seen the myriad of legal issues you have to face and is here to help you. From forming the right type of business entity, drafting legal contracts, agreements and dealing with relationships between your clients, vendors and business growth, you will gain considerable experience having a seasoned attorney like Peter Wittlin on your side.

A business lawyer to help your new or well-established business who can walk you through your rights as a business owner in transactions and litigations, Peter Wittlin can assist your business needs in the following areas surrounding business law:

  • Drafting contracts, reviewing business contracts, and other legal agreements
  • Proper Business Formation
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Incorporations
  • Business Dissolution
  • Business Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Shareholder & Franchise Contracts
  • Business Licenses

Your business is important and all the hard work you have done! Business law can be complex and challenging.  You want to have correct representation in Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, and surrounding areas.

Negotiating The Best Possible Deal For Your Business

There are an endless number of regulations regarding the sale of any business. State and federal tax compliance rules alone require an extremely specialized understanding. Businesses will also need to comply with bulk sale transfer laws and regulations concerning inventory of supplies and equipment. Peter C. Wittlin, Attorney at Law, understands every aspect of selling a business. He has for decades represented sellers and buyers in business sales. His role as a lawyer has included due diligence reviews of the seller’s financials, guidance regarding income tax consequences, handling of trade secret issues, and the inspection of books, records and premises to make certain that nothing is out of the ordinary.

The smallest details need to be taken into consideration when the sale of a business takes place. Items like how to avoid or limit nonrefundable deposits, broker commissions, security agreements and the assigning of existing leases can all change the outcome regarding a successful sale. Review of sales tax records, customer listings and covenants not to compete needs to be conducted to determine the viability of buying the business.

The law office of Peter C. Wittlin can help your small business get through any legal difficulties by more than just providing sound advice regarding the future of your business. From the smallest retailers to LLCs and corporations, Peter Wittlin has assisted many business owners in drafting and negotiating their contracts, company structure, purchase of sales, and any operating and independent contractor agreements.

The possession of intellectual property is something that cannot be overlooked when it comes to business disputes and divorces. Attorney Peter Wittlin understands this crucial detail and can represent you in any matters concerning trademarks, copyrights, and other patents.

Over 30 Years of Commercial Business Law Experience

Running a business by itself is a lot to handle. From operations, to accounting, to customer satisfaction, there are several factors involved that go into building a successful venture and enterprise. The last thing owners want to think about is the legal side of things. Unfortunately, more often than not, most owners aren’t too sure about which actions to take in times of legal trouble when complications arise and know don’t what they did wrong in the first place. Taking the wrong course of action among the confusion can lead to more complications on the owner’s part down the road if the right legal counsel isn’t adhered to concerning their specific circumstance. The most complex aspect to business law is the fact that regulations vary greatly from one sector to the next. In other words, businesses can be treated differently from one another depending on which industry they belong to. 

With over 30 years of helping businesses in their legal matters all throughout the Southern California area, Peter Wittlin has played a crucial role in keeping small businesses alive and stabilizing larger companies for the future ahead during times of crisis and emotional distress. Business law tends to become very confusing very quickly for owners getting know their legal rights the first time around. Thankfully, Peter Wittlin has helped owners of businesses, both big and small, throughout a wide array of industries including: 

-real estate







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Working out of Irvine, California, Peter C. Wittlin has been helping clients in the selling or buying of businesses since 1979. He understands every aspect of the business sale transactions and knows how to avoid costly mistakes. As an attorney, he has a reputation for being personable, efficient and extremely knowledgeable of the law. His success has largely been due to his willingness and ability to handle every aspect of a particular business sale or purchase.

Contact Peter Wittlin by filling out the form below with a brief description of your legal issue, or simply call his law firm at (949) 430-6366 to schedule your initial consultation. His law firm is located at 8 Corporate Park Suite 300 in Irvine, California.