Partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, non-profit entities; private (placement memorandum) offerings

Negotiating The Best Possible Deal For Your Business

There are an endless number of regulations regarding the sale of any business. State and federal tax compliance rules alone require an extremely specialized understanding. Businesses will also need to comply with bulk sale transfer laws and regulations concerning inventory of supplies and equipment.

Peter C. Wittlin, Attorney at Law, understands every aspect of selling a business. He has for decades represented sellers and buyers in business sales. His role as a lawyer has included due diligence reviews of the seller’s financials, guidance regarding income tax consequences, handling of trade secret issues, and the inspection of books, records and premises to make certain that nothing is out of the ordinary.

The smallest details need to be taken into consideration when the sale of a business takes place. Items like how to avoid or limit nonrefundable deposits, broker commissions, security agreements and the assigning of existing leases can all change the outcome regarding a successful sale. Review of sales tax records, customer listings and covenants not to compete needs to be conducted to determine the viability of buying the business.

Working out of Irvine, California, Peter C. Wittlin has been helping clients in the selling or buying of businesses since 1979. He understands every aspect of the business sale transactions and knows how to avoid costly mistakes. As an attorney, he has a reputation for being personable, efficient and extremely knowledgeable of the law. His success has largely been due to his willingness and ability to handle every aspect of a particular business sale or purchase.

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