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Tying any loose ends together after the death of loved one, or even planning out what will happen to your estate and family after your own departure, is rarely a non-emotional scenario to face. In addition to the personal matters at hand, probate litigations come with a plethora of legal concerns as well as a quick response time to get all the appropriate paperwork together. Therefore, litigations in estate planning tend to be very urgent yet delicate matters at the same time while also requiring a tremendous amount of documentation.

Probate courts have the narrow yet vastly important authority of evaluating the genuine aspects of a will and how the intentions of the deceased are to be carried out. The cases that arise in probate courts mainly involve disputes regarding trusts, mental competency of the deceased at the time of writing the will, custody decisions, and determining the outcome of an estate – all of which are unique situations in which a lawyer with probate courtroom experience will be necessary to tackle the legal end of your probate matters.

Over 30 Years of Probate Litigation Experience in Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties

Peter Wittlin is a tried and tested attorney who fully understands the sensitivities involved in probate litigation and estate planning. By providing expert guidance from over 30 years of experience for families facing probate, trust, and estate issues Peter Wittlin can help clients in the following areas and more: 

  • Trust planning
  • Living trusts
  • Asset protection
  • Income tax issues
  • Document filing for Probate court
  • Requesting court permission
  • Retitling assets to the rightful beneficiaries. 

Assessing the intent behind wills, even when the wording seems blatant or ironclad, is a common type of hearing in probate court appearances – especially when it comes to matters of estate and custody of minors. On both, and any, of these legal concerns, a probate judge will determine the decision as they see fit, considering home life, income, and personal habits through testimonies.

Peter Wittlin can assist you in your probate litigation even if you live out of state. If the estate falls under California’s legal jurisdiction, Peter Wittlin can serve as your local advocate without you needing travel excessively. His commitment and dedication to provide personalized communication is one of the reasons why clients from even outside of Southern California’s borders choose him to represent them and their family’s interest.

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Wills, Trusts, and Estates Planning

Probate litigation matters in California can involve an incredible amount of detail. Finding a lawyer who can navigate through all the different required steps is therefore extremely important.

Peter C. Wittlin Attorney at Law has since 1979 represented parties involved in probate contests where wills have been challenged. The kinds of probates he has represented have involved estates of individuals residing both inside and outside of California.

While inheritance disputes between siblings and claims from multiple marriages are the most commonly portrayed types of probate litigation, many cases often involve situations of mental incapacitation of the deceased during the time of writing their will. Psychological disorders such as dementia can cause an afflicted person to appoint the wrong fiduciary due to a false lapse of judgement. Other faulty planning mistakes such as creating a non-standard estate agreement can lead to more problematic cases down the road such as will construction suits, guardianship litigations, breach of fiduciary rights, and trust modification/reformation suits, all of which are applicable towards contesting the validity of a will.

In some cases, a conservatorship may be called into action by a judge in order to ensure that finances and other intents of the will are carried out as they should and are not mishandled. Conservatorships are generally appointed in probate litigations involving mental competency and physical inability is not an uncommon occurrence in cases where the assets have been in the family for a long period of time.

Stepchildren may have rights to inherit from an individual’s estate, but are often overlooked in provisions of the will. Under equitable adoption provisions that are provided in the California Probate Code, there are means to make certain the stepchild receives his or her fair share of the estate.

The rate of litigation concerning custody over minors has also risen to become a frequent matter in Probate courts throughout California.

Peter Wittlin has represented the interests of such children in probate litigation matters. As an experienced probate attorney, he can make certain that asset distribution is fair and just. Through his years as a practicing attorney, he has received favorable outcomes in equitable adoption matters.

Real Estate Auxiliary Probate

Peter Wittlin is extremely knowledgeable regarding both real estate and probate considerations when it comes to the transference of property. In particular, he has focused on auxiliary probate matters where individuals have died outside of our state but still have property within California. His knowledge of this area and attention to detail have prevented errors from occurring when these circumstances have arisen. In each auxiliary probate matter, his guidance has provided assurances that all California laws have been followed.

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