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Equitable Adoption Considerations In Probate Matters

Probate litigation matters in California can involve an incredible amount of detail. Finding a lawyer who can navigate through all the different required steps is therefore extremely important.

Peter C. Wittlin Attorney at Law has since 1979 represented parties involved in probate contests where wills have been challenged. The kinds of probates he has represented have involved estates of individuals residing both inside and outside of California.

Stepchildren may have rights to inherit from an individual’s estate, but are often overlooked in provisions of the will. Under equitable adoption provisions that are provided in the California Probate Code, there are means to make certain the stepchild receives his or her fair share of the estate.

Peter Wittlin has represented the interests of such children in probate litigation matters. As an experienced probate attorney, he can make certain that asset distribution is fair and just. Through his years as a practicing attorney, he has received favorable outcomes in equitable adoption matters.

Real Estate Auxiliary Probate

Peter Wittlin is extremely knowledgeable regarding both real estate and probate considerations when it comes to the transference of property. He has in particular focused on auxiliary probate matters where individuals have died outside of our state, but still have property within California. His knowledge of this area and attention to detail have prevented errors from occurring when these circumstances have arisen. In each auxiliary probate matter, his guidance has provided assurances that all California laws have been followed.

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